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Interact Community Service Club

Interact Community Service Club

The State College High School Interact Club held a Pink fundraiser selling pink temporary tattoos, paw prints and ribbon, last October and donated the proceeds to Mount Nittany Health Breast Care Center.

Interacts goal is to inspire positive change within our local and global community. These students meet every week after school and work on community volunteer projects. The groups commitment is “DOING” by going out into the community and help with their hands. They help global communities by making things they need and give financial contributions when they can’t use their hands to help.

Angelique Cygan, Mount Nittany Health Breast Health Navigator met with the group to tell the story about how their funds will have an impact on a family in this community by providing needed resources as they navigate through a cancer diagnosis.

For more information on how your organization can raise funds for programs or services at Mount Nittany Health, please contact Mount Nittany Health Foundation at or 814.234.6777.

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