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Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery offers clear vision, quality of life


Chuck enjoys many outdoor activities, such as fishing, that are now possible again with his cataract removal procedure

When he turned 80 this year, Chuck Strauss celebrated his birthday in a unique way. “I got new eyes for my birthday,” Chuck laughs. “I turned 80 on April 19. On April 11, I had the femto cataract procedure done on my right eye, and my left eye was done on April 25.”

Chuck has worn glasses since the age of 10. Throughout his life, he has enjoyed such eye-dependent pursuits as photography, fishing, hunting, gardening, and travel. About 20 years ago, his ophthalmologist diagnosed him with gradual progressive cataracts. His condition was monitored for the likelihood of needing corrective surgery. Then, one year ago, Chuck noticed a reduction of clarity in his right eye. He consulted with his ophthalmologist, who concurred, and cataract surgery was recommended. Chuck’s eye surgeon encouraged him to consider the new laser surgery procedure, femto laser-assisted cataract surgery, as both a technologically advanced surgical method and one that would also offer correction of his astigmatism.

LenSx® femto laser-assisted cataract surgery is the most recent ocular technology available, and Mount Nittany Health Surgical Center began using the new technology in April 2016. For cataracts, the procedure focuses on the lens of the eye. When you have cataracts, the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. Cataracts reduce vision and color observation and increase sensitivity to light. When daily use of the eyes for activities such as driving, reading, or watching TV becomes difficult, treatment is needed. The femtosecond laser operates with infrared laser energy. The laser makes a small incision, the lens is removed, and a replacement lens is inserted.

“The overall procedure is very efficient,” says Chuck. “At the outpatient center, the initial preparation of my eye took only about 30 minutes — largely involving a series of special eye drops. The surgery itself required only one to two minutes, followed by a post-op protocol of another 30 minutes. Basically, I was in and out of the hospital in less than three hours. It’s amazing how efficiently their surgical process is organized.”

Chuck felt no pain, and his vision was fully restored in his right eye within four days, and his left eye within two days. Eye drops were administered for four weeks in each eye. “My distance vision is now about 20/20 in both eyes,” marvels Chuck. “It has been 70 years since I’ve had vision that good!”

Chuck now enjoys balanced eyesight, and his night vision has improved. As a long-term resident of the Centre region, Chuck is pleased to share this recent experience in gaining improved eyesight. “Mount Nittany Medical Center has continued to expand its teams of doctors and staff and overall healthcare facilities,” Chuck explains. “In my opinion, it is a world-class hospital. All members of the medical staff are immediately attentive to the patient, and their professional protocols are a major feature of this healthcare system. I’ve recommended our Medical Center to other friends in need of medical services.”

Mount Nittany Health Surgical Center is the only hospital in the Centre region offering this breakthrough technology.

“My surgical team, in tandem with this new procedure, returned a key ingredient to the quality of my life,” says Chuck. “Simply put, they have bolstered all of my sight-dependent activities.”

Chuck’s experience inspired him and his wife Carol to make a gift to Mount Nittany Health Foundation, benefiting the Mount Nittany Health Surgical Center. To enhance the femto laser-assisted cataract surgery experience, the Strauss’ gift made possible the purchase of three additional slade and spatula sets, which are required for each patient procedure.

If you believe you may be a candidate for LenSx femto laser-assisted cataract surgery and would like more information, contact Mount Nittany Health Surgical Center at 814.234.6750 or toll-free at 888.440.2272. To make a gift to Mount Nittany Health Foundation, visit

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