Brad & Brandy Wood

The Wood Family

The Wood Family

“I couldn’t wait to come back to Mount Nittany Medical Center for the birth of our second child." –Brandy Wood

The birth of a child is an amazing experience, but it can be scary at times.

Complications occurred during the birth of the Woods’ first child, which resulted in an emergency C-section. “The nursing staff is the key to the whole birth experience,” said Brandy. “They were all so incredible, especially Laurie Smeal. She was with me the entire time, holding my hand and assuring me that my baby and I were going to be fine. Sure enough, Avery arrived on July 25, 2008, and was perfect!”

When the Woods returned to Mount Nittany Medical Center in July 2012 for the birth of Tucker, their second child, Brandy shared that she was hoping Laurie Smeal would still be on the nursing staff. “When I saw her in the hallway, it was like seeing a long lost friend! I found out later that she came in on her day off to be there for me."

"Our second experience giving birth at Mount Nittany Medical Center was just as magical as the first. We are so thankful.”

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