Larry Halstead

Larry Halstead with State College Spikes baseball players

Larry Halstead with State College Spikes baseball players

“The staff at Mount Nittany managed to turn the trip of a lifetime gone bad into one of the most memorable experiences we had with my dad.” –Ryan Halstead

Larry Halstead and his son Ryan, both Floridians, planned to check off an item on the senior Halstead’s "bucket list" during the summer of 2010: tour six Major League baseball stadiums in the Northeastern United States.

The two planned to visit Penn State en route to a Philadelphia Phillies game, but Larry became ill from complications of stage four melanoma and was rushed to Mount Nittany Medical Center's Emergency Department.

Upon learning of the Halsteads' stadium tour, Mount Nittany Medical Center staff tried to arrange for the family to attend a State College Spikes game, but Larry was too ill, so the hospital staff brought the ballpark to him.

Larry Halstead lost his battle with cancer on September 15, 2010, but his family still keeps in touch with Mount Nittany staff. In fact, during the summer of 2012, the Tampa Bay Rays honored Larry Halstead at a baseball game at which the entire Halstead family wore their Happy Valley shirts. “We will always be grateful for the people we met at Mount Nittany Medical Center,” said Ryan.

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