The Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund

The Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund

The Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund

Doreen Perks, Founder of the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund (named for her husband who died in 2005 of melanoma), knows firsthand about the costs associated with living with cancer.

She feels fortunate that her family was able to weather the financial hardship, but she learned by talking with other patients in the waiting rooms while her husband was undergoing treatment that people could be "knocked off center" with the financial burdens of dealing with cancer. She heard stories about people losing their jobs, not being able to afford their mortgage or rent payments, or choosing between paying an electricity bill and feeding the children. “What kind of choice is that?” says Doreen.

Individuals can apply for assistance for groceries, household bills, and transportation and lodging from the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, which also makes donations to facilities that provide cancer care. Mount Nittany Medical Center was the recent recipient of a generous grant of $8,800. This grant will provide hospitality carts delivered to families who have a loved one in the hospital with end-stage cancer. The carts will facilitate the serving of specially prepared snacks to families so that they can spend as much time as they need at the bedside of their loved ones.

Since its inception in 2006, the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund (BPCAF) has helped to ease the financial burden of individuals and families in our local communities – including Blair, Centre, Clearfield and Huntingdon counties – that are battling cancer, by providing funding for basic necessities so their focus is on treatment and recovery.

“As someone who lives, works, plays and raises a family in this community, we see the impact of cancer every day in those closest to us and those around us,” says Greg Hayes, chair, BPCAF board of directors. “What makes a strong community is a healthy community, including community pride and the participation in organizations like the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, which is so critical to that healthy community approach. To be productive member of this community, it’s necessary to engage in these ways to benefit the people and the area that give us so much.”

To learn more about the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, please call 814.231.2692 or email

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