Kathy and Jerry Dittmann

Kathy and Jerry Dittmann

Kathy and Jerry Dittmann

For Kathy and Jerry Dittmann, it was the chance to make a personally meaningful donation that led them to pledge a multi-year gift for Mount Nittany Medical Center’s chapel.

“We wanted to fund something that was important to us. And we felt that a chapel would be something that’s in our interests but also responds to the needs of our patients and visitors, and also our employees and providers,” says Kathy.

Both longtime directors at the hospital — Jerry is vice president of human resources and Kathy is director of service excellence — the Dittmanns have made gifts to support the Emergency Department, East Wing, and the Employee Assistance Fund. But funding a chapel feels special to them, particularly since Jerry, along with Chaplain Peggy Lindsey, is involved in the design of the chapel, which will be located off of the Medical Center’s main lobby.

“I’m very happy with the space for the chapel. It’s is centrally located and has a lot of glass,” says Jerry. “Our goal is to make the chapel open, airy and light so that it’s a healing place people really want to use.”

Kathy also notes the chapel’s importance for employees. “The chapel will be a place for them to ‘let go’ so they can go back into the work environment, the healing environment, with renewed energy and passion to take care of people.”

That caring and compassion is central to the medical center experience for employees, medical staff, patients, families and visitors. And it’s what continues to guide the Dittmanns in their giving. “We were brought up that you give back to your community, to organizations and to your employer,” says Kathy. “It’s just the nature of who we are.”

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