Study on coronavirus in the healthcare setting

Study on coronavirus in the healthcare setting

Study on coronavirus in the healthcare setting

Mount Nittany Health Foundation is pleased to award $62,000 to Carrie Hanley, PhD, MPH, CIC, manager, infection prevention & control, Mount Nittany Health, to support the SARS-CoV-2 Centre County Clinical Cohort serological risk Assessment Trial (4CAST). The purpose of this study, conducted in partnership with The Pennsylvania State University, is to determine immune responses and risk factors associated with infection in healthcare workers exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Worldwide, one of the medical community's challenges in battling COVID-19 is understanding the risk factors associated with its transmission The medical and scientific communities have been racing against time to learn more about the virus and how best to treat patients while also reducing and preventing the virus' spread. To that end, research studies and clinical trials have rapidly mobilized to learn about the novel coronavirus to improve treatments, reduce transmission and ultimately prevent COVID-19.

Conducting studies in real-world situations like the 4CAST study, provide invaluable information to address key implementation and feasibility issues in community-based healthcare settings. This is why the health system and The Pennsylvania State University have partnered together for the 4CAST study.

"This study will help community healthcare centers better understand the risks of COVID-19 among frontline healthcare workers. It also allows us to respond in meaningful ways to protect staff and patients alike," shares Dr. Hanley. "We appreciate the Foundation's grant in support of this important study and our efforts to learn more about coronavirus in the healthcare setting."

"Mount Nittany Health Foundation is pleased to fund a study that can help advance the body of knowledge on the novel coronavirus and its impact on healthcare workers," states Simon Corby, executive director, Mount Nittany Health Foundation.

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