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Our Donors

We are enormously grateful to the individuals and organizations that have chosen to impact healthcare in our region by making a gift to Mount Nittany Health Foundation.

To view our calendar year 2017 donors, click here. To view donors that have given up to $999 in 2017, click here.

Your have been responsible for improving quality of life for the people of our region by supporting the advancement of healthcare at Mount Nittany Health. This mission has mobilized people from all over our region and has become our call to action.

Giving in Action

The central Pennsylvania area is diverse and dynamic, and so are its people. Their stories speak to a culture of active philanthropy where giving isn't just a responsibility, it's a calling. 

We believe that calling leads to action and impact. Giving is the means by which lasting change occurrs. Read about our donors as well as those who have benefited and consider becoming a part of our story today.

Foundation donors provide:

  • Annual gifts that sustain operations of Mount Nittany Health
  • Capital gifts for new programs and services, and facilities
  • Planned gifts for the future benefit of our broad community

Each and every gift helps to secure Mount Nittany Health's position and legacy among the nation's finest healthcare institutions.

Become a Donor

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Become a donor today! Call Melissa Aungst at 814.234.6777 or use our online donation form.