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Mount Nittany Health Golf Classic contributes to COVID-19 response fund

We are pleased to announce that the 30th Annual Golf Classic will proceed as scheduled on Saturday, August 8, 2020, with some significant changes. Please join us for a day of golf to support the recovery efforts for COVID-19. Space is limited and sponsorships sell out quickly. Reserve your spot today.

30th Annual Golf Classic

30th Annual Golf Classic

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Improving patient care, safety, and outcomes: Antimicrobial stewardship program

Antibiotics are critical to effectively treat infections. But unnecessary or inappropriate use can cause harm to patients or contribute to antibiotic resistance. “Antimicrobial stewardship works to evaluate how antibiotics are prescribed by clinicians and used by patients and to improve use by promoting optimal antibiotic drug regimens: dose, duration, as well as route of administration,” shares Jessica McDonald, pharmacist, PharmD, co-lead for Mount Nittany Medical Center’s antimicrobial stewardship program.  Read Full Article

Mount Nittany Medical Center pharmacist virtually presenting on improved workflow, quality and patient outcomes at national conference

Ashley Kader, PharmD, BCPS, manager, pharmacy, Mount Nittany Medical Center, will be virtually presenting as part of the 2020 Premier Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition.  Read Full Article

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Meet the diabetes care team

Dealing with diabetes is a lifestyle challenge, and facing a chronic condition can sometimes feel overwhelming. Mount Nittany Physician Group providers are dedicated to being your partner in health and wellness. Susan Trainor, CRNP, CDE, endocrinology, Mount Nittany Physician Group shares that "the most important thing to me when I walk into a patient room is… that we're about to do something that's going to help them be better." 

Oncology patient navigators remove barriers to getting well

Research increasingly indicates that patient navigation improves clinical outcomes by overcoming patient and system barriers, Mount Nittany Health is especially grateful for the longstanding and dedicated philanthropic support for this program.